“strong emotional presence and supportive collective intelligence for success in a digital world”


Strategic concept

For every new client, we create an individualized strategic plan for achieving perfect digital positioning within their field.

Strategies include:

  • Theme and focus on strengths
  • Market strategy and USP
  • Wording and domains
  • Website design and SEO
  • Digital partners and organizations
  • Book strategy
  • Possibilities for free/open content
  • Strategies for PR, blog/newsletter, video and social media activities
  • Passive income streams

From this strategic foundation, each expert decides which possibilities should be realized and by whom.

“If the most interesting, most optimal people don’t come to you automatically, then you haven’t found your perfect positioning yet.”

Project coordination

Digital implementation expertise is our strength. By request, we can also implement our experts´ strategic concept by coordinating all of the project work with suitable suppliers and minimizing our clients´ opportunity costs.
An expert should not usually be expected to have to collaborate with a range of digital providers. Experience has shown that this can cause the following: misunderstandings, rushed work, lack of reliability, omissions, errors and communication difficulties. As well, deficiencies are frequent in areas such as exchanging of thoughts, problem solving competence, and precision work on the task. All of these flaws are the norm in such a situation, and create unnecessary delays, stress and wasted effort. In addition, digital projects are most often an additional burden for your own colleagues, and too complex or too new for them.
We take care of digital projects so that our clients are free to focus on their main expertise while reaching their goals in today’s highly digital world.

“An expert speaker should do only two things: Make excellent speeches and, while drinking a cappuccino, think about how to make even better speeches.”

Guided Collective Intelligence

These days, digital self-representation is only one aspect of your online impact. The reputable impact through opinions and comments made by others is often even more effective. For this reason, correct handling of the internet’s collective intelligence is crucial, by which we mean in particular the collaborative formation of knowledge.
Through our clients and our involvement in both NPOs/NGOs and politics, we have developed strong and interesting networks. We bring the right people together, finding those who have shared interests and goals, both for themselves and for the world.
The strength of our networks is our expertise in digital implementation. Through this strength, we improve the reputations of experts in a very effective, sustained, and prestigious way.

“Do what you love and find people who love what you do. The digitization makes it easy.”



We help our clients improve their digital positioning, in order to achieve their optimal online presence and an outstanding reputation.
Often, people with the highest level of expertise in their field lack knowledge about the digital world. This often leads to missed opportunities, even though they are more competent and more engaged in their community than others.
We can turn this handicap into an advantage by creating a strong, emotive online presence, and organizing a supportive digital collective intelligence that underscores the expert’s knowledge and increases their prestige.
We work solely through referrals. Our services are only available for experts who help to make the world a better place.

By special request: For selected clients, we offer an additional service: We conceptualize and initialize an impactful and representative digital organization. This takes various forms, such as a foundation, an association, or an institute. For our clients, these organizations enhance visibility, unite like-minded people, and multiply their impact. This type of digital organization, which rather than disbursing funds enables knowledge, networks and enthusiasm,merges low fixed costs with high-level digital presence. Our core services of strategy conception, project coordination, and guided collective intelligence remain essentially the same.

“Truth has no effect without impact.”

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